Vacation Time

Packing for vacation is a hotly debated subject in my home this week. The annual battle of fashion v. sleep is on. Who will prevail this year? Oh, yes, we're flying too (should have that in there somewhere). I guess if you drive to the beach you don't have this issue. There are few benefits of a husband who flies a lot for work. The miles are so nice this time of year. 

This is what usually happens: I get to chose between my cute going out shoes and more toys for the kids. This is usually how I think about it and why I typically do an entire week in a pair of flip flops. Oh well, it's the beach and we love it. Hope you all have a great summer vacation.

--Carissa Howard, Shopping for (Vacation) Time

Shopping for Time

Shopping for Time.

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--Carissa Howard, Shopping for Time

Practical Ways to Have It All

Practical Ways to Have It All

Even for women not collecting a paycheck, I know that you are not sitting around eating Bonbons watching daytime soaps. You’re involved with the PTA, a charity or two, countless activities for your children, assisting in a family business, renting a property, home schooling, and helping your older family members, often with a spouse that works a busy work schedule. You can think of a million things that you could do with extra time each week, like maybe dedicate some time to yourself.

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